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🦑 Automatically Withdraw Bitcoin and Crypto from Kraken

Since the FTX collapse, Kraken is officially the lowest fee exchange on the market (unless you live in Texas where free ACH deposits have not yet been enabled 😢)

As of 12/7/2022

Kraken's low fees are mostly due to their very low withdraw fees (especially for Bitcoin)

Below you can find code fit for our AWS automation tutorials that will allow you to withdraw some or all of the bitcoin/crypto that you're holding on Kraken.

Automate Cryptocurrency Withdrawals From Kraken
Automate Cryptocurrency Withdrawals From Kraken. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

I'll be releasing a full video tutorial on the channel soon but I wanted to release the code ASAP to anyone following along here on the blog. click here

And check out the existing functionality for automatically buying on Kraken here:

Full Withdrawal Tutorial Here: