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Quora Question | Why does Donald Trump Jr. believe that teachers are losers?

Why does Donald Trump Jr. believe that teachers are losers?

This is a classic case of what Scott Adams has labeled “two movie reality”

In a rant about how America will never be a socialist country, Donald Trump Jr. said:

You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.”

Movie A:

Donald Trump Jr. thinks all teachers are losers. Every teacher he has ever had in his life: loser.

The people who will be responsible for educating his children: losers.

The conservative Trump fans in the crowd (of which some are likely teachers who might have even cheered his statement): losers.

Movie B:

Donald Trump Jr. thinks that a disproportionate number of university professors (and maybe even some high school teachers), whose classes are made up in part by young conservatives, are pushing an activist socialist agenda on their students and alienating the students who have contradictory views.

Because he thinks the teachers are alienating half their class and radicalizing the other, Trump Jr. called them losers.

Clips like this are so interesting because they are more or less Rorschach tests for people’s biases.

If you hate Donald Trump Jr. this is going to make it really easy for you to hate him even more.

How dare this spoiled brat attack selfless educators? He’s never worked a day in his life!

If you love Donald Trump Jr. you likely agree with him that colleges have become havens for radical left ideologies and you’ll be more likely to excuse the questionable way that he phrased it.

Thank goodness someone is standing up for people like me who are alienated by the current education system.

I’d encourage everyone (on both sides!) to try to step back from initial outrage (it can be very difficult) and contend with the best possible version of what someone you disagree with is saying.

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but it stops you from imagining them to be monsters by attributing their actions to horrible intentions.

We shouldn’t be so quick to mind read each other and ascribe the worst possible motives.

Maybe he’s an evil rich kid who’s trying to tear down the American education system so he and his billionaire cronies can be geniuses relative to the oppressed poor people….or maybe he’s a nervous guy who hasn’t had much practice speaking in front of thousands of people and is willing to say clunky, provocative things to rile up his audience.