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Book Review | The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump

Book Review | The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump

Here is an actual, complete, real life, top 5 (as of this writing) Goodreads review of this book that I tried to have removed (to no avail):

I have not read the book.

But then hey, Trump did not write it.



Well, I guess he’s not such a great deal-maker after all. The first chance he had to make one in the White House, he failed miserably.

Or maybe he’s just a dealer?


I am interested in what kind of “deal” he’s going to make with North Korea.


Opposing bills to end US shutdown fail in Senate, with no clear path forward

I would like to call your attention to line 1 of this review: “I have not read the book.”

When I was growing up, George W Bush was president

I saw religious dogma take Howard Stern off the radio.

I saw my favorite cartoons and Detroit rappers fighting legal battles with the freakin’ FCC about what they were and weren’t allowed to say.

And I watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert say out loud what everyone was thinking and challenge Fox News and the government to tell the truth.

All of this led me to believe that liberals were interested in freedom of speech, freedom to have different ideas, and critical thinking whereas conservatives (Fox News + the Government at the time) wanted nothing to do with it – instead holding on to ideas of the past.

My belief held through 2016. Much to my embarrassment now, I remember weeks before the 2016 election telling my dad over the phone that “Republicans will never win re-election”. And I remember being afraid the night that Trump won the election, because I thought pro-censorship, anti-critical thinking, racists had taken over America.

Coming back to the Goodreads review, someone (likely) of the critical thinking pro-science school of thought reviewing a book on a book reviewing site without having read the book and adding it to the “never-ever” shelf – AND THE REVIEW HAS A TON OF LIKES!!!

I don’t think many in the mainstream media have read the book either because I haven’t heard anyone refer to the president as “Donny” a name he says he hates in one of the first few chapters.

I don’t know how we got here, but it’s made me realize that critical thinking, irrationality, and dogmatism is not unique to one political ideology.

As for the book….it’s really not great. You’ll learn a little about some high profile deals Trump made, but I think where it shines is hearing some of the things he said in the 1980’s that don’t fit the media narrative we’re led to believe about him now.

If you go in with an open mind you might learn something and get to wrestle with some cognitive dissonance about very concrete opinions you hold about a man you’ve probably never met.

If you don’t go in at all, you might be able to get some Goodreads clout if you’re biting, self righteous, and sarcastic enough.